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This section is for Baccalaureate holders who wish to apply for a Bachelor’s degree studies in Canada: Dear Bachelor's degree holders, EliteNord gives you the possibility to register and assures you the meticulous treatment of your file for immigration-study in Canada with a view to making your Bachelor’s degree in Canada.

Next academic session - Fall [ September 2021 ]

Step 1
An estimate of fees/ tuition (for the school ) and a quote for our services (assistance) for the university admission and pre enrolment process. Professional time spent by our immigration experts and approved lawyers 10
Step 2
Assistance provided by our lawyers and immigration experts for securing a student visa Time Limit at CIC's Discretion
Transfer and process of approved student visa’s applications to the CIC Citizenship and Immigration of Canada Time Limit at CIC's Discretion
A secured on-campus accommodation which includes the food plan during the first academic year (8 months) or a fully lifestyle furnished accommodation ( 9 months) no food plan included Deadline at the discretion of EliteNord
Pick up of students and escorting them from airport to place of residence.
On campus registration formalities, processes
Deadline related to the opening of the academic session of the Campus


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Registration for Step 2 is strictly reserved to applicants whose records have been favorably reviewed for admission in a Canadian university.

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